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Pill Press Machine

Pill press machine is a kind of equipment that presses dried granules or powdery substance into tablets through dies. It has three subclass products. Single punch type has one set of moulds and can make repeated and vertical movements. The rotary tablet making machine is equipped with several dies which rotate along a certain path. And high speed rotary type, as the name suggests, rotates very rapidly and is efficient. These three pill press machines are very popular among many fields.

1. In pharmaceutical industry, pill press machine is usually used to manufacture health-care products, herbal tablets, etc.
2. Tablet making machine is applied in processing chemical products, such as salt tablets, cleaning bars, washing blocks, cosmetics, skin care products, etc.
3. In food industry, the machine can press sugar, chicken essence and other tablets.

Features of Pill Press Machine
1. The filling depth and tablet thickness can be adjusted.
2. This machine is easy to operate and maintain.

HMachinery realizes, through twenty years’ development, that the key to survive in contemporary society is to keep up with market changes and meantime make right decisions. Thus, we design and manufacture pill press machine to meet the needs in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Beyond that, the company also manufactures laboratory equipment, sugar coating machines, grinder, oven, mixer granulator, etc. With adoption of advanced technologies, these products are of trustworthy quality and are certified by CE. And some of them are exported to Europe, America, South Asia, and so on.

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