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High Speed Tablet Press

GZK730/GZL430 High Speed Tablet Press

GZK730/ GZL430 multi-bin high speed tablet press is a kind of machine, which can press granular materials into round tablets. It has high productivity as showed in the following table. Such powder molding facility...

GZD260 Sub-high Speed Tablet Press

GZD260 sub-high speed rotary tablet press is structured in double pressure type and can produce tablets at both sides, there it is very productive. Tablet making equipment is armed with PLC control touch screen, which...

High speed tablet press is composed of transmission, turret, tablet counting and dust collection component, lubrication system, hydraulic system and control system. Due to low noise, high pressure, automatic operation and high outputs, pharmaceutical tablet machine is advantageous over common tablet presses. These also contribute to its wide application in mass production of high-end pharmacy and health care products.

Due to different uses, high speed tablet press can be divided into GZK730/GZL430 high speed and GZD260 sub-high speed tablet press. The former adopts modular roller device and column guide. Besides, through guide rail, the pinch roller can pull out and rotate around stand column, which makes it easy to dismantle.

1. High speed tablet press is designed in multi-bin structure, of which transmitting, adjusting and tableting are separated from each other. It is easy to clean and maintain and can well prevent cross contamination.
2. Pharmaceutical tablet machine is accurate and reliable because servo drive control system is employed in filling.
3. High speed tablet press is designed in accordance with requirements of GMP and FDA, thereby trustworthy.
4. With pre-pressure and main pressure being high, various difficult molding materials can be pressed into tablets as well.
5. Uniform filling is realized by adopting a double-layer three impeller feeder.
6. Suction powder device is utilized in high speed tablet press to recycle leaked powder.
7. Pharmaceutical tablet machine is certified by CE.

Choose appropriate model of high speed tablet press according to different materials, outputs, single-layer tablet or double-layer tablet.

Payment, Package and Shipping
1. T/T, L/T and Western Union are accepted.
2. Package should be in line with export packing standard.
3. There many shipping types available- by ocean, by air, by land, or by expressage, etc.

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