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B Series Universal Pulverizer

B Series Universal Pulverizer

Universal pulverizer utilizes the high-speed relative motion between moving tooth set and fixed tooth set to smash materials through concussion, rub and crush. It is made of stainless steel with a simple structure, smooth running and good performance. Besides, pharmaceutical multi-purpose crusher is powerful and solid. And such machine can through changing mesh screens make granules of various sizes. Moreover, the inner wall of its casing is specially treated. All these contribute to universal pulverizer broadly popular.

1. Universal pulverizer is adapted for construction, metallurgy, pharmacy, food and chemical industries.
2. It also serves as the corollary equipment for micro grinder and ultrafine grinder processing.
3. Multi-purpose crusher can process hard materials including plastics, copper wires, Chinese herb medicines and rubbers.

1. Universal pulverizer employs impact crushing method. Materials are impacted by six high-speed rotating hammers and will be smashed through collisions with gear ring. Then these crushed materials will flow through sieve pores into filling bag with the help of air current.
2. Stainless steel ensures pharmaceutical multi-purpose crusher anti-corrosive and wear-resistant. Therefore, it is suitable for corrosive materials processing.
3. The powder collecting chamber adopts sound attenuation structure, which effectively reduces noises.
4. Universal pulverizer is efficient, reliable and safe. And it wastes fewer materials.
5. Cooling device is used to lower down the machine’s temperature so as to work more smoothly.

The following data can show the performance of universal pulverizer.

Model  20B 30B 40B
Capacity (Kg/h.) 60-150 100-300 160-800
Speed of Principal Axis (r/min.) 4500 3800 3400
Size of Input Granules (mm) 6 10 12
Smashing Fineness 60-150 60-120
Size of Grinding Motor (Kw) 4.0 5.5 11
Power of Dust-catching Motor (Kw) 1.5
Overall Size (L × W × H) (mm) 1100 × 600 × 1650 1200 × 650 × 1650 1350 × 700 × 1650

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