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Single Punch Tablet Press

TDP-1/TDP-5 Single Punch Tablet Press

Single punch tablet press machine is used in laboratory exclusively, which is driven by a motor. This machine is small sized and can be applied to punch tablets of various sizes. At present, it enjoys wide application in foodstuff...

DP30 Single Punch Tablet Press

DP30 single punch tablet press is designed and manufactured to meet the particular demands by pharmaceutical R&D and similar research labs. Tablet compression machine has a five-ton compaction force, which is capable of press...

DP50 High End Single Punch Tablet Press

High end single punch tablet press is often employed to make pills of all kinds of patterns and shapes, like round, special-shaped, square and triangle. Due to its small size and eye-attracting appearance...

Single punch tablet press is used to compress various kinds of granulated material into round tablet. And each machine is installed with a die. Tablet making machine can be operated by hand or driven by a motor. The filling depth and tablet thickness are adjustable. In addition, single punch tablet machine can compress tablets of uniform thickness, high glossiness and no polishing.

This type of single punch tablet press can be subdivided into two kinds:
1. TDP series: 2.5 ton type and 5 ton type.
2. DP series: It has frequency conversion and conforms to GMP requirements.

1. Portable as it is, single punch tablet press can well compress granulated materials into tablets. It is cost-effective.
2. It is well-adapted, small and light, and can be operated manually.
3. HuaMao tablet making machine is featured by high performance and easy maintenance.
4. Various models of single punch tablet press are for selection in accordance with practical needs.

One should know well enough the compressed material before choosing an appropriate portable tablet making machine. Then, the diameter, thickness and outputs of tablets should be considered as well.

1. Please read the operation manual before using single punch tablet press.
2. Overload operation is prohibited so as to lengthen the tablet press’ service life.
3. Tablet macking machine needs cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals.

Payment, Package and Shipping
1. Types of payments: T/T, L/T and Western Union
2. All products should be packaged according to export packing standard.
3. Types of shipping available: express delivery, ocean shipping, air transportation, land carriage or joint sea-and-rail transportation.

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