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Tablet Press Machine Application

Chemical Tablet Press

Chemical products tablet press, as the name suggests, is practically adapted for sugar tablet, salt tablet, washing chunk, cosmetics, and so forth. It is used to press powder into tablets of any shape and size as...

Herbal Tablet Press

Herbal tablet press, armed with a pre-pressure increasing device, is capable of molding a tablet through merely twice tablettings. Single pressure tablet compression machine has one set of die, thus suitable for...

Bouillon Cube Tablet Compression Machine

As a kind of press machine, bouillon cube tablet compression machine is manufactured to make seasonings. This seasoner block making machine endeavors to press granular or powdery materials into round tablets. And...

Salt Tablet Press

Salt tablet press is capable of pressing tablets of 25 mm wide and 20mm thick. It is a machine that can rotate automatically and press continuously. Such rotary tablet press equipment is a basic device to turn granular...

Washing Block Tablet Press

Washing block tablet press is known for pressing washing powder into tablets. As well as pharmacy industry, washing block making machine is also agreeable for chemical, foodstuff, electronics and other industries...

Camphor Tablet Press

Camphor tablet press is a newly developed single punch press machine, which is in accordance with GMP standard. It is a small desk-top continuous tableting device. Camphor tableting machine is suitable for ...

Disinfection Block Tablet Press

Disinfection tablet press has 25 set of dies, which can press 25 tablets in one revolution. Its maximum production capacity is 114000 tablets per hour. Rotary disinfectant tablet machine has two pressures and can...

Tablet press machine serves to compress powder into tablets of different shapes and sizes. In order to form a tablet, the granulated material should first be metered into a cavity formed by two punches and a die. Later, these punches should be pressed together with great force to fuse the materials together. The whole making process of tablets contains smashing, mixing, palletizing, tabletting, sieving and packaging. Currently, pharmaceutical tablet press is high in production capacity (250,000 to 1,000,000 tablets an hour). Thus it is popular both at home and abroad.

HuaMao tablet press machine can be subdivided into—single punch, rotating, three-layer, double layer, core coating, hydraulic and high speed rotary tablet press machine.

HuaMao tablet press machine can press many kinds of tablets.
1. Pharmacy Industry: Western medicine tablets, effervescent tablets, Chinese herbal medicines, drugs and health care products.
2. Foodstuff Industry: Sugar, chicken essence, and so on.
3. Chemical Engineering: Salt tablets, camphor balls, cleaning bars, disinfection tablets and washing blocks, cosmetics, skin care products, and so on.

1. Rich manufacturing experience: HuaMao was established in 1997 and has been manufacturing tablet press machine since then.
2. Professional engineers: Engineers in this company have a good command over traditional tablet press and are capable of researching and developing new models.
3. Satisfactory service: HuaMao can customize assembly line in line with clients’ demands. Besides, the company also sends professional personnel for on-door installation and debugging.
4. High precision: Our company introduces CNC (computer numerical control) technology and wire-electrode cutting technique.

1. Read the operation manual attentively before operating tablet press machine.
2. Refuel oil if necessary.
3. Pharmaceutical tablet press needs a running-in period before a trial running.
4. Overloading working is not allowed in case of decreasing the service life of tablet press machine.
5. Workers are expected to take apart this equipment for regular maintenance.

1. Make sure the materials one wants to compress first before choosing the exact pharmaceutical tablet press.
2. Be sure about the diameter, thickness and number of needed tablets.
3. If unsuitable, the company can customize appropriate tablet press machine as required.

Tablet press machine of HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery wins certification of CE.

Payment, Package and Shipping
1. Accepted types of payment—T/T, L/T and Western Union.
2. Follow the export packing requirement to package tablet press machine.

  • 3. Available types of transportation: by express, by sea, by air, by land, etc.

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is s specialized manufacturer of tablet press machine and other products. Our company is situated near Shanghai Port, which greatly reduces the costs of transportation and creates a broader market. Ever since its establishment, the company has always strove to improve quality and provide client with quality services. To achieve these, our company imports foreign advanced skills and employs skillful staff. For detail information, please feel free to visit the website or contact us directly.