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Model XZS Vibrating Sieve Machine

Model XZS Vibrating Sieve Machine

Vibrating sieve machine, also called spiral vibrating screen, is basically made up of charging tray, shaking chamber, coupler and engine base. Its adjustable eccentric hammer revolves with the driving motor and produces centrifugal force which drives materials to spiral in the sieve. It can screen and discharge granular and powdery materials of different thicknesses continuously. Nowadays, vibrating sieve machine is the ideal machine for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and cosmetic industries.

1. Vibrating sieve machine is compact-structured, smooth and easy to maintain and operation.
2. It produces no dust and low noise.
3. Spiral vibrating screen has three models, each of which has double or three discharging outlets, thus productive.
4. The amplitude of hammer regulator is adjustable according to different materials and sieves.

Parameters of Vibrating Sieve Machine

Model XZS400 XZS500 XZS800
Productivity (Kg/h) 50-200 100-350 150-850
Screen Meshes 12-200 12-200 12-200
Screen Diameter (Φ, 1Φ=1mm) Φ400 Φ500 Φ800
Power (Kw) 0.55 0.75 1.5
Overall Dimensions (mm) 560 × 1100 700 × 1200 960 × 1300
Net Weight of Vibrating SIieve Machine (Kg) 100 180 250
Each Model has two or three discharging outlets
Adjustment Range of Amplitude (mm) 1-6

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery was founded in1997 and builds its factory at Dongjing town where it is very near Shanghai Port. Thus the company is quite convenient. And the products, including spiral vibrating sieve machine, tablet press, granulator, and grinder, are much more favorable in price and can be sold to foreign countries by sea. Besides, our company actively imports and employs latest technology in manufacturing to improve the quality of products. Therefore, all products in this company are certified by CE, thereby trustworthy.

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