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Pear-Shaped Sugar Coating Machine

Pear-Shaped Sugar Coating Machine

Pear-shaped sugar coating machine is mainly used for putting syrup, sucrose, dextrose, polyol and icing sugar on snacks and food. It is mainly used in dried fruits, seeds, nuts, toffees, caramels, biscuits, extruded products, chewing gums and candies, etc. Besides, such food coating machine is suitable for confectionary, snack, and other food processing plants. And pear-shaped sugar coating machine can be used in light and chemical industry, spherical or granular materials, and lightings, too.

Pear-shaped sugar coating machine is structured by worm gear box, sugar pot, heating equipment, blowers, electric devices and other major components. The motor through belt drives worm gear and worm and makes sugar coating pot rotate. Under the action of centrifugal force, the materials in the pot roll up and down and are coated with something like syrup.

1. Pear-shaped sugar coating machine is able to be matched with frequency controller and dust-removal system.
2. It is totally enclosed and armed with airbrush system, meeting GMP requirements.

Parameters of Food Coating Machine

Model PBY600 PBY800 PBY900 PBY1000
Production Capacity (Kg/times) 15-35 30-70 50-80 70-150
Dia. of Sugar Coating Dish (mm) 600 800 900 1000
Rotation Speed of Dish (r/min) According to demands
Main Motor Power (Kw) 1.1 1.5 1.5 2.2
Power (w) According to demands

With about twenty years’ development, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery has become one of the professional and leading makers of pharmaceutical equipment in China. Nowadays, the company specializes in various series of tablet press, grinder, mixer, and pear-shaped sugar coating machine, powder siever and capsule filling machine. Located at Dongjing town of Shanghai, our company enjoys an enviable geographical advantage. In addition, the company also has a factory and land of its own, thus, production cost is reduced. All these contribute to the great popularity of our products.

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