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Tablet Coating Machine

BY Series Sugar Coating Machine

Sugar coating machine, just as its name suggests, is used for average coating and polishing or formed tablets and pills in pharmaceutical and food industry. Besides, this tablet coating machine can also be applied for polishing...

TBY Series Table Sugar Coating Machine

Table (Desktop) sugar coating machine is a kind of pharmaceutical machine that has two models—TBY400 and TBY500. It works to put coatings on tablets and pills through rotation motions and achieves the goal of...

Pear-Shaped Sugar Coating Machine

Pear-shaped sugar coating machine is mainly used for putting syrup, sucrose, dextrose, polyol and icing sugar on snacks and food. It is mainly used in dried fruits, seeds, nuts, toffees, caramels, biscuits, extruded products...

Drum Sugar Coating Machine

Drum sugar coating machine is applied in putting a uniform, adherent covering of sugar, cinnamon and similar materials on products like candy, tablet, and so on. It can be subdivided into four models according...

Film Coating Machine

Film coating machine is a kind of mechanical-electrical integration equipment which features high efficiency, energy conservation and cleanness. Due to different production capacity, this machine includes five...

Tablet coating machine is auxiliary equipment for tablet press, which is used to evenly polish and cover tablets or particles with a substance by applying a series of thin layers. With these sugar layers, products have a lustrous appearance and are not easy to be wetted or volatilize. Therefore, tablets coater is suitable for coating tablets, pills and food in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industry and hospitals and research institutions.

Subclass Products
Tablet coating machine can be subdivided into five kinds.
1. BY Series Sugar Coating Machinery
It is mainly used for coating tablets and pills in pharmaceutical and food industry.
2. TBY Series Table Sugar Coating Equipment
This type is a desktop one.
3. Pear-Shaped Sugar Coater
This pharmaceutical tablets coater is mainly applied in food and snacks caramels, biscuits, gums, candies, etc.
4. Drum Sugar Coating Machine
This type is made of stainless steel, thereby glossy and anti-corrosive.
5. Film Coating Machinery
It features high efficiency, energy saving, and cleanness.

Structure Features
1. Tablet coating machine is one-way coating equipment that can rotate continuously at low speed. The main motor drives pot to rotate through a belt drive- worm gear transmission.
2. An adjustable handle is installed at the middle of tablets coater. It serves to modulate the inclining angle of coating pot, according to filling amount of tablets and materials exchange performance.
3. Worm gear and worm are used as terminal output of movements, which feature steady running and pot self-locking.
4. Tablet coating machine is well-designed and good-looking.
5. The dryer machine adopts resistance wires to heat, thus easy to control.
6. External blower attachment makes tablets coater flexible.
7. The temperature is controlled by digital controller, thereby saving manpower.
8. The installing angle of coating pot is 30°, which makes coating operation efficient and faster.
9. The thermal capacity of tablet coating machine is adjustable. So is the tilting angle of pot.
10. Blower pipes can stretch into the pot for heating or cooling.

Maintenance of Tablet Coating Machine
1. Replace the grease oil in the reducer casing punctually according to the requirements.
2. Pharmaceutical tablets coater should be reliable and can be connected with the ground. And the ground resistance is not more than 4Ω (Ω is a unit of electrical resistance).
3. Do not arbitrarily dismantle electric devices or belt guard of tablet coating machine.
4. The seal ring on the end of worm shaft should be examined and replaced regularly, generally no more than 6 months.
5. During working, the temperature of reducer casing should not be over 50℃ to ensure the lubricating condition of worm gear.
6. Coating pot of tablet coating machine is expected to be scrubbed clean for long time of disuse. If it is a copper pot, please anointing oil on its surface to keep it from oxidation or from producing toxic copper compounds after being affected with damp.

1. Switch on the power of tablet coating machine. But do not misconnect phase line and null line.
2. Connect the air supply throughΦ8PU pipe with the gas-type fitting which is at the lower side of tablets coater.
3. Add coating solution into the liquid roller.
4. Turn on the power switch.
5. Adjust the rotational speed of tablet coating machine’s main engine according to the instructions.
6. Open the regulating switch of intake air fan.
7. Adjust temperature controller and adjust the temperature to the required value. Turn on the heater when the actual temperature is below the set value. And if higher than the set value, stop heating.
8. Turn on the spray gun of tablet coating machine to sprinkle. And please use it correctly as the instruction book writes.
9. Start air compressor (air pressure is about 4 to 6 kg/cm³) after the above functions are adjusted appropriately.

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