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Pharmaceutical Industry

Brief Introduction
HuaMao pharmaceutical machines, as the name suggest, are used to make pharmaceuticals, such as tablets, pills, and capsules. These machines include TDP, THP, ZP, ZPW and ZPF series tablet presses, CFQ, XCJ and QVC series auxiliary equipment, and CH, V, HD series mixing machines, YK, ZL, LG and HLSG series granulators, FC and B series grinders and RXH series dying ovens. In addition, pharmaceutical equipment also contains BY series sugar coaters and all kinds of dies. In modern society, pharmaceutical machines are suitable for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, and metallurgy industries.

Applications of Pharmaceutical Machines
Due to the limited space, the following will introduce the applications of tablet press.
1. Tablet press is capable of pressing round and specially-shaped tablets whose diameter is not more than 13mm. It can make tablets with letters, symbols and pictures as well.
2. Tablet compression machine is applied in producing health care products, camphor balls, washing blocks, pesticide tablets, chicken essence, radix isatidis, compressed biscuits, etc.

1. Many pharmaceutical machines have features of high efficiency, low noise and low energy consumption.
2. Pharmaceutical equipment is armed with forced feeding mechanism and controlled by PLC.
3. Take tablet press for example, it has functions of automatic regulating pressure, waste eliminating, data printing and fault displaying.

With the medical system reform, pharmaceutical industry has entered a new stage of development since 2007. Besides, China is becoming the third largest pharmaceutical market. All these bring a lot of opportunities to Shanghai HMahcinery. Thus, we actively partner with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness. And the company endeavors to cooperate with foreign professional companies and learn their advanced skills. What’s more, HMachinery makes great efforts to innovate as well. Try out on our website to get more information about pharmaceutical machines.

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