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Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

Pharmaceutical tablet press is designed to press all kinds of powdery and granular materials into tablet of many shapes as we want. It functions to provide streamlined and automatic control to tablet mass production line. Usually, this pill compression machine is applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic industries. And some types can also be used in research institutions, hospitals and laboratories.

Subclass Products
Pharmaceutical tablet presses mainly include single punch, rotary, lab and small pill compression machine.

Characteristics of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press
1. Higher precision of filling and lower consumption of materials
2. Small and light
3. Smooth working and low noise
4. Interchangeable turret and optimum compressing rollers
5. Glossy and stainless steel surface which prevents pollution and abrasion
6. Easy operation and good accessibility
7. Total separation between compression area and mechanical area. This makes tablets clean and lengthens machine’s service life.

HMachinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical tablet press in China. The company is located at Songjiang district, Shanghai, which allows it to boast a unique production advantage and convenient transportation. Besides, it enjoys other advantages, such as more opportunities, larger investment and chances to contact the latest technologies. Thus, many products have high quality and are exported to America, Europe and Middle East. For more information about pharmaceutical tablet press, please contact us.

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