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Drying Oven

CT Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

Hot air circulating oven, also called electrothermal blowing dry box, is used for heating and dehumidifying materials. It uses steam or electricity to heat air which then dries materials circularly. This air...

DW Series Conveyor Drier

HuaMao conveyor drier is used for continuous drying and cooling of sheet, stripe, granular and some paste materials. And the processed materials can maintain their original shapes without any deformation. The machine...

Drying oven is an apparatus that reduces the water of materials by making use of thermal energy. It utilizes the latest energy conservation and environmental protection heating technology. As a result, pharmaceutical electric dryer shortens production time and reduces energy consumption and improves the quality of products. At present, drying oven is extensively suitable for precise baking, drying, tempering, preheating and processing of electronics, plastics, foodstuff, PC board, glass, ceramics, wooden building materials, etc. And it is popularly used in laboratories, medical treatment, spaceflight and universities.

Classifications of Drying Oven
1. CT Series Hot Air Circulating Oven
CT series pharmaceutical electric dryer is used for heating and dehumidifying materials through steam and electricity. It is suitable for medicine, chemical, foodstuff, subsidiary agricultural products, aquatic product and light industry
2. DW Series Conveyor Drier
DW series drying oven is used for continuous drying and cooling of sheet, stripe, granular and some paste materials. It has features of high speed, high evaporation strength and good quality. As a result, it is suitable for mass production of dehydrated vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and so on.

1. Drying oven adopt smart temperature controller and solid-state relay, thus reliable and simple.
2. Pharmaceutical electric dryer employs streamline circular arc design. And the shell is made of cold-roll steel sheets and the surface is painted.
3. Reasonable air duct and circulation system are used to keep temperature inside studio uniform.
4. Double screen high brightness digital tube displays the parameters clearly and accurately. It has function of timing.
5. The liner of drying oven is made of stainless steel material, which is easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
6. Storage rack is adjustable.
7. Drying oven uses imported electric motor and fan blade which are very efficient and effective.
8. Tempered glass is applied to box dryer door for users to observe. And nanometer material door seal and thermal insulation material make electric dryer more noticeable in performance.

Operating Instructions of Drying Oven
1. Make sure that the supply voltage is suitable before using this equipment.
2. Do not touch by hand electric appliance at the left side of pharmaceutical electric dryer. Wiping and washing with water are not allowed.
3. Cut off the power when checking the drying oven.
4. Power line should not be wrapped around metals nor installed at cold or humid places, so as to avoid electric leakage caused by rubber aging.
5. Check temperature adjustor of drying oven frequently to see whether there is unevenness or not. If any, use crocus cloth to eliminate. Wipe the adjustor with clean cloth usually to make sure it makes good contact (cut off the power).
6. Metal pipes of indoor temperature adjustor should avoid being knocked to keep flexibility.
7. Do not put flammable items into drying oven which has no anti-explosion device.
8. After each use, cut off the power supply and clean both the inside and outside of this oven.

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