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NJP Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic capsule filling machine is designed and further improved to fill empty capsules with desired drugs on the basis of tamping principle. Automatic capsule filler has three models-NJP800, NJP1000 and NJP1200. With high technology and performance, it is the ideal equipment for capsule and medicine in pharmaceutical industry. Besides, automatic capsule filling machine can finish at the same time powder filling, and feeding, separating, rejecting, locking and discharging of capsule, and module cleaning.

1. Automatic capsule filling machine is characterized by good-looking appearance, exquisite workmanship, easy operation, lower noise, stable running and small size.
2. Stowage seat and measuring plate are designed to be one unit which prevents deviation and friction. And filling and dosing precision are improved. In addition, it also lengthens the service life of automatic capsule filler.
3. The stowage rod is made of stainless steel to avoid breakage. And there are not many screws and caps.
4. Automatic capsule filling machine can eliminate ineligible capsules. And the drugs in it are recyclable, thus high economic efficiency.
5. Dust collector, vacuum pipe and waste air pipe are installed inside automatic capsule filling machine to avoid breakage and leakage. And this design accords with the requirement of GMP.
6. Automatic capsule filler is easy to dismantle, install and clean. Various models of dies are available.

Parameters of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Model NJP800 NJP1000 NJP1200
Capacity (Capsules/min.) 800 1000 1200
Number of Die Holes 6 8 9
Capsule Size NO. 00 -5
Filling Precision >98%
Dosing Precision of Automatic Capsule Filler Better than the stipulation of State Pharmacopoeia
Power 380V 50Hz three-phase with four wires
Power (Kw) 3
Noise (Db) <80 (A)
Vacuum (Mpa) 0.04-0.06
Air Pressure 75 m³/h  0.4Mpa
Suction 70m2/h  2 × 105pa
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 970×820×1900
Net Weight (Kg) 900

Shanghai HuaMao Co., Ltd., a specialized manufacturer of pharmaceutical machines, has now over 10 kinds of about 40 series of machines, for example automatic capsule filling machine. The company has consistently stuck to the idea that quality is the foundation for survival and development. Thus we actively encourage innovation and research, and bring in new techniques and experienced workers. What’s more, the company also learns advanced management experience from foreign corporations. Hence, all our products are certified by CE and popular at home and abroad.

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