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BY300 Sugar Coating Machine

BY300 Sugar Coating Machine

Laboratory (Lab) sugar coating machine is used to sugarcoat and polish tablets, pills, candies and chocolates. The processed tablets are glossy. And they have a coating generated by sugar crystallization to protect them from oxidative deterioration and volatilization. Besides, this sugar coater can cover up the uncomfortable taste of tablets and makes them identifiable and dissolve in human stomach and intestines. This lab sugar coating machine, in fact, is electromechanical integration coating equipment. Presently, tablet coater is applicable in hospitals, research institutions, laboratories, and chemical, food and pharmacy industries.

1. Lab sugar coating machine is equipped with an adjusting handle. It adjusts the inclining angle of sugar pot according to tablets amounts and materials performance.
2. Hot air drying device adopts electric resistance wire to heat and is designed with high and low temperature switches. Thus, it is easy to control.
3. Tablet coater uses worm and worm gear as terminal output of movement. It runs steadily and the sugar pot can be self-locked.
4. The heater can be placed right under the pot. Lab sugar coating machine is armed with a separated blower whose pipe stretches into the pot for heating or cooling.

Main Specifications
These data function as reference for selecting appropriate lab sugar coating machine.

Model of Tablet Coater BY300 BY400
Dia. of Sugar Coating Dish (mm) 300 400
Rotation Speed of Sugar Coating Dish 40r/min
Production Capacity (Kg/hr.) 2 5
Main Motor Power (Kw) 0.37 0.55
Blower Power (Kw) 0.09
Electric-Heating Power (Kw) 2.0
Temperature of Hot Air (℃) 50-60
Overall Size (L × W × H) (mm) 490 × 600 × 750 490 × 600 × 800
Net Weight (Kg) 70

Shanghai HuaMao Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of pharmaceutical machines in China. Through nearly twenty years’ development, the company now mainly manufactures tablet press, dryer, oven, sugar coating machine, pulverizer and so on. HMachinery has always endeavored to provide rich and satisfactory services for customers. These services include technique training, technological consulting, and customization, to name a few.

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