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SP-Series Vibrated Tablet Sifter

SP-Series Vibrated Tablet Sifter

SP-series vibrating sieve machine is a new generation rotary screen that works to remove powders from the tablets. It is designed basing on electromagnetic vibration principle. And this pharmaceutical vibrated tablet sifter has two models-SP300 and SP400. The machine can produce 550,000 to 800,000 tablets per hour, much higher than other similar devices. Currently, vibrating sieve machine enjoys popularity in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industries.

1. HuaMao vibrating sieve machine is small but efficient and saves energy. As the table shows, the machine weight only 34kg (SP300) or 62kg (SP400), much lighter than traditional mechanical vibrated tablet sifter.
2. It generates no static electricity.
3. Vibrating sieve machine is able to remove burrs and fine powders on the tablets, which assures the quality of products.
4. It meets GMP standard, thus trustworthy.

Specifications of Vibrating Sieve Machine

Model of Pharmaceutical Vibrated Tablet Sifter SP300 SP400
Output (Tablets/h) (Φ6 round tablets testing data) 550000 800000
Max. Noise (Db) <82
Power Supply (V/Hz/W) 220/50/125 220/50/300
Overall Size (L×W×H ) (mm) 410 × 410 × 880 510 × 510 × 880
Weight (Kg) 34 62

Being an experienced maker, Shanghai HuaMao Co., Ltd. realizes that the best way to make good tablets is using good auxiliary machine such as vibrating sieve machine. Thus, HMachinery goes to great length to enrich tablet press product line through researching and developing new machines. Moreover, the company also endeavors to make innovations and upgrade its technologies from time to time. And our company introduces foreign advanced skills and management experience too. All these lead to the fact that vibrating sieve machine is certified by CE and popular among customers.

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