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Fine Powder Pulverizer

Fine Powder Pulverizer

Fine powder pulverizer achieves materials smashing through the bumping between mechanical pulverization and air. It is mainly composed of main engine, auxiliary engine and electric cabinet. Pharmaceutical micro powder mill machine has performances of winnowing, no sieve and no net and uniform strength. Besides, it can work continuously. And the machine is a new type that reaches international level in technology. Thus, fine powder pulverizer is popularly used in pharmacy, food and chemical industries.

1. Fine powder pulverizer can smash mineral plants of hardness under level 6.
2. Pharmaceutical micro powder mill machine is suitable for high fineness of powder processing like pesticide, medicine, firefighting agentia, dye, photocopying toner, powder paint, mica, carbon black, diatomite, bentonite, kaoline, grain, fodder, daily cosmetic and so on.

1. Fine powder pulverizer produces little noise and dust pollution, and is power saving, thus environmentally friendly.
2. Small and light, it is effective and efficient. Materials processed by it have high fineness.
3. Pharmaceutical micro powder mill machine costs less in maintenance.
4. The whole process of fine powder pulverizer is negative pressure operation, which ensures good sealing performance and grading effect.
5. Equipped with an automatic impurity-removing mechanism, it can purify materials and improve quality of materials.

Parameters of Fine Powder Pulverizer

Model 15 20 30 60 80 110
Capacity 30-200 50-300 30-800 50-1200 100-2000 200-3000
Size of Input Granules (mm) ≤10 ≤12 ≤10 ≤10 ≤15 ≤20
Size of Output Granules (mm) 80-320 80-320 60-450 60-450 60-450 60-450
Total Power (Kw) 13.5 17.5 46 84.15 145 230
Speed of Principle Axis 6000 4800 3800 2800 2200 1480
Overall Size (mm) 4200 × 1200 × 2700 4700 × 1250 × 2900 6640 × 1300 × 3960 7500 × 2300 × 4530 9800 × 2600 × 6800 13000 × 3500 × 7200
Weight (Kg) 980 1300 2800 4500 9500 16000

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