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CT Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

CT Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

Hot air circulating oven, also called electrothermal blowing dry box, is used for heating and dehumidifying materials. It uses steam or electricity to heat air which then dries materials circularly. This air circulation oven is composed of angle iron, stainless steel plate and heater. During the drying process, fresh air is constantly replenished while muggy air is discharged. As a result, hot air circulating oven can maintain appropriate humidity and reduce the temperature difference inside the cabinet. Thus, the materials drying process might be in good state.

1. Hot air circulating oven is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and light industries. It can be used in heating and drying raw materials, Chinese traditional medicines, powders, granules, vegetables, etc.
2. Air circulation oven is also adapted for curing ink and drying paint film. It is widely used in precise drying of electron components, electroplated products, plastics, metals, PC boards, glass, building materials, etc.

1. Hot air circulating oven is equipped with double-deck glass observation window. Therefore, working condition will be clear to observe.
2. It is easy to operate with the adoption of CNC processing molding.
3. Air circulation oven is clean and good-looking. Because the inside adopts stainless steel plate and the outside uses a processed board.
4. American imported blower featured by low noise and long service life is employed in the blast circulating system. And the wind turbines are multi-vane centrifugal wind leaves. Hence, the temperature of hot air circulating oven is stable and uniform.
5. Electric system adopts the door type to open, thus convenient for maintenance and service.
6. The hot air circulating system is composed of cyclone separator, air blower, air filter and heater.

Parameters of Hot Air Circulating Oven

Steam Pressure (Mpa)  0.05-0.8
Dry Quantity (Kg/time)  50 100 200 300 400
Active Volume  (m³) 1.2 2.7 5.3 7.1 9.8
Power (Kw) 0.45 0.45 0.90 1.35 1.8
Blast Volume  (m³/h)   3450 6900 10350 13800
Area of Heat Dissipation (m2)   20 40 80 100
Steam Consumption (Kg/h)   18 36 54 72
Temperature Range  (℃) 60-140
Difference in Temperature (℃) ±3
Drying Cart (Set) 1 2 4 6 8
Overall Size (L × W × H) (mm) 1480 × 1000 × 1640 2350 × 1200 × 2000 2350 × 2160 × 2000 3390 × 2160 × 2000 4300×2160×2000
Net Weight of Air Circulation Oven (Kg) 400 890 1760 2640 3520

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