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Three Layer Press Machine

Three Layer Press Machine

Three layer press machine is a basic instrument for pressing granular materials into three layer tablets (which is the most prominent feature). It has double pressure structure, which can rotate automatically and press tablets on end. Pharmaceutical rotary tablet press is featured in high production capacity (54000 pieces per hour for three-layers, and 160000 for one layer). Due to this, three layer press machine is agreeable for pharmacy, chemical, food, electronics and battery industry.

1. The outer casing of three layer press machine is enclosed. Both the outer casing and the inside table-board are made of stainless steel material. Besides, the turret surface is specially treated. All these help prevent cross contamination.
2. The design of pharmaceutical rotary tablet press is in accordance with GMP requirements.
3. Transparent windows and door enable a clear observation on tablet pressing, which can be opened for cleaning and maintaining as well.
4. All control parts and operation units of three layer press machine are in a reasonable layout.
5. Frequency control device makes the facility easy, stable and accurate.
6. Built-in arrangement of transmission device keeps rotary tablet press clean and clear.
7. Three layer press machine is capable of pressing three different materials into three-layer tablets.

Parameters of Pharmaceutical Rotary Tablet Press
These data function as reference for choosing an appropriate three layer press machine.

Model ZPF25D ZPW20
Dies (Sets) 25 20
Max. Pressure (Kn) 80 100
Max. Dia. of Tablet (mm) 20 50
Max. Depth of Filling (mm) 20 36
Max. Thickness of Tablet(mm) 8 12
Max. Turret Speed (r/min.) 36 15
Max. Production Capacity (Pcs/hr.) 54000 (For three layer) 18000 (For three layer)
160000 (For one layer)
Motor Power 5.5 Kw/380V/50Hz
Overall Size (L × W × H) (mm) 1200 × 900 × 1650 1300 × 1300 × 1650
Net Weight (Kg) 2200 2500

Payment, Package and Shipping
1. Types of payments: T/T, L/T and Western Union.
2. Three layer press machine should be packaged according to export packing standard.
3. Types of shipping available: express delivery, ocean shipping, air transportation, land carriage or joint sea-and-rail transportation.

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