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Ball Mill Machine

FQ120 Single Jar Ball Mill

Single cylinder ball mill is designed to be a horizontal cylindrical rotating device. It has two milling methods-dry grinding and wet milling. This mill is mainly composed of material charging part, material discharging part...

FQQ16×4 Inclining Ball Mill

Four-cylinder ball mill has two models-FQ16×4 (ceramic) and FQQ16×4 (stainless steel). As it has four cylinders, this ceramic ball mill is productive and efficient in processing materials. In addition, it produce less noise...

FQQ-Type Stainless Steel Inclining Ball Mill

Stainless steel inclining ball mill, as its name shows, is made of stainless steel material, which is very glossy and wear resistant. According to different capacity, FQQ type ball grinding mill includes two models-FQQ10...

Ball mill machine, also known as ball grinder, is a crucial device used to comminute materials after they are being broken. It is made up of feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, and transmission part (reduction box, small driving gear, dynamo and electronic control). And the machine adopts steel casting in the hollow shaft whose lining is replaceable. The rotating gear wheel of ball mill machine employs casting hobbing to process objects. And with a wearable lining plate, it is very anti-abrasive.

HuaMao ball mill machine has three types: FQ120 Single Cylinder, FQQ16×4 Four-Cylinder and FQQ-Type Stainless Steel Inclining Grinding Machine.

Ball mill machine is widely applied in manufacturing cement, silicate products, new building materials, fireproofing materials, fertilizer, black and nonferrous metal, and glass ceramics. Besides, horizontal ball grinder is capable of grinding all kinds of ores and other crushable objects.

Ball mill machine has many features like:
1. Large roller bearing: This bearing can greatly reduce friction force and save 20% to 30% energy.
2. Wavy lining plate: It is effective in grinding.
3. One-piece frame: The structure brings a lot of convenience to construction and installation of horizontal ball grinder.
4. Simple structure, high efficiency, and smooth running and reliability.

Working Principle
HuaMao ball mill machine is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device. It is a grate ball grinder with two bins. Firstly, solid materials enter the hollow shaft through the feeder and then evenly flow into the first bin. This bin is installed with ladder plates or corrugated plates which have many steel balls of different specifications. These steel balls functions to thump and grind materials. Then, the processed objects will be sent through single-wall partition into the second bin. This bin has flat plates with steel balls to further comminute the materials. Later, powder materials are discharged from unloading grate plate. Finally, solid objects become powders.

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