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Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Automatic Blister-Aluminum Packing Machine

Automatic blister-aluminum packing machine, as the name suggests, functions to pack objects with aluminum plastics or something else. It is highly automatic and adopts PLC microcomputer and frequency control. Thereby...

Automatic Aluminum Packing Machine

Automatic aluminum packing machine usually wraps round tablets, capsules and specially shaped food and health care products with blister-aluminum and plastic composite membranes. It is durable and can run smoothly...

Pharmaceutical packaging machinery is designed for wrapping solid drugs, such as tablets, capsules, pills and suppository. With the adoption of internal heating form, this pharmaceutical packer is now one of the most advanced machines with a quite small model and lower price than other models. Currently, it is chiefly used in hospital pharmaceutical preparation room, small drug factory, small workshop and medicine research institution.

Subclass Products
Due to different packing materials, pharmaceutical packaging machinery includes Automatic Blister-Aluminum and Automatic Aluminum Packing Machine.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery
1. Small and compact-structured.
2. Reasonable layout and high efficiency.
3. Automatic molding, filling, sealing, printing lot number and punching.
4. Glossy and anti-corrosive with the adoption of stainless steel in main accessories.
5. Rapid integration and user-friendly interface.
6. Accurate (about 99.95%) and simple.
7. Process control.

1. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery employs stepping motor and stepping wheel clamping to ensure accurate and reliable synchronization.
2. The service life of pharmaceutical packer can be lengthened. Because hot sealing dies can automatically separate from wrappages without burning them.
3. The equipment adopts man-computer interface, PLC programmable control and frequency stepless adjustor.
4. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery is armed with photoelectric detection of granules, automatic waste eliminating device and cursor image-text register sets.
5. Multilevel vibrating pipeline discharging is applied.
6. Pharmaceutical packer is also equipped with indentation tangent, printing batch number and waste recycling devices.
7. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery is convenient in changing dies. For one thing, the stroke is adjustable. For the other, the machine used cold forming dies and die positioning pin to correspond pictures with the text.

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