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Counting and Filling Machine

Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

Electronic tablet counting machine fills tablets or capsules through a channel into a bottle. It is high-tech drug count filling equipment which adopts international technologies like computer control, dynamic...

Model BC-ⅡAutomatic Tablet Counting Machine

Automatic tablet counting machine is useful for quick count bottling of capsules, pills, and tablets of a variety of patterns and sizes. It can independently finish counting and filling tablets. Currently, this double-head...

HuaMao counting and filling machine is the equipment that can automatically count and fill tablets, capsules and pills of all kinds and sizes. It is made of stainless steel and uses computerized digital display. So this pharmaceutical tablet counting machine is very accurate in counting. At present, it is chiefly suitable for pharmaceutical and food industry, hospitals, research laboratories, academic institutions and medium to small scale manufacturing industries.

1. Small and light, counting and filling machine can count tablets accurately. And it is easy to operate.
2. It is wear resistant because the surface that contacts drugs is made of stainless steel.
3. Counting and filling machine employs latest vibrating multi-channel material discharging computer control, dynamic scanning counting, system self-inspection, faults indication alarm and auto-stop technologies. Therefore, it saves manpower and is efficient.

1. As counting and filling machine is automatic, the sizes of zip-top bottle, bottle mat and cap should be uniform.
2. Use jiggle bar to turn this machine first to see whether it works normally before driving.
3. Use appropriate tools to adjust pharmaceutical tablet counting machine in case of damaging machine parts or affecting its performance.
4. Keep counting and filling machine clean from oil contamination, drugs or glass fragments, preventing from being corroded.
5. Tighten every loosened screw after adjustment of the machine.

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of tablet press series products, grinder, mixer, sugar coating machine and counting and filling machine, to name a few. The company, founded in 1997, built its factory near Shanghai Port. This greatly reduces its transportation costs and makes it much more convenient than some other companies. Besides, HMachinery has more advantages in investments, professional talents, and a large group of customers. Above all, this geographical position enables our company to contact the latest technology and then use it to develop new products. Welcome to the company’s website for more information.