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Granulation Machine

YK Series Oscillating Granulator

YK series oscillating granulator is a new type machine designed in accordance with GMP standard, which employs stainless steel in its surface. Thus it looks nice and tidy. Especially, wire and stainless steel meshes are adopted to...

KZL Series Rotary Granulator

Rotary granulator is particularly effective in handling materials of high viscosity. It may also be called revolving pelleting machine sometimes. This machine adopts a set of rotating grinding blade to form wet materials...

HLSG Series Mixer Granulator

Mixer granulator is featured by high efficiency, good performance, low consumption and non-pollution. It is a new sophisticated machine that conforms to GMP standard. And the granulator is able to finish independently mix...

Granulation machine is a new replacement of traditional oscillating granulator. It is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, palletizing, transmission and lubrication system. These parts work together to make uniform pellet from powder materials. Pharmaceutical granules making machine is featured by speediness and good effect, thus applicable in food, pharmacy and chemical industries.

According to different functions, granulation machine can be classified into three kinds: YK series oscillating granulator, KZL series rotary granulator and HLSG series mixer granulator.

1. Well-adapted: Granulation machine can pellet various materials ranging from hard wood to soft agricultural wastes.
2. Long service life: Pharmaceutical granules making machine is made from cast iron and its roller and mold are made of alloy steel. Thus it can be used at least for 3 to 5 years.
3. High performance and output, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Working Principle
Following is how granulation machine works.
Firstly, powders (water content is less than 15%) are filled through hopper into the feeder. Then adjust the rotating speed of motor to obtain appropriate material flow. Later, stir rabbles to mix the materials with steam. If molasses or oil is needed, put it into the mixing drum as well. Generally, oil content is less than 3%. After tempering, the temperature of these materials can be 64 to 85℃, and the humidity is 14% to 16%. Then, use iron absorption device to remove iron impurities in the powders. Finally, transmit powders to crushing chamber for pelleting.

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