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Portable Pulverizer

Portable Pulverizer

DFT portable pulverizer is used to smash materials by utilizing high-speed relative motion. It is equipped with a stainless steel pulverizing groove and a high-speed motor. Small and light, the grinding equipment is compactly-structured and very effective. Thus, it is suitable for super fine smashing of Chinese and western medicines, pearls, chemical and food materials, minerals, soil, grains, coals, and laboratory materials. At present, portable pulverizer is mainly applied in researches and laboratories of pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries.

1. DFT portable pulverzier has features of no dusts, low noise, low loss and low rotation rate.
2. The machine body is made of stainless steel and the blade is alloy steel.
3. Small grinding equipment can work continuously for 6 hours per day. It can fill materials automatically and continuously.
4. Materials processed by it are as fine as wheat flour.
5. Portable pulverizer is good-looking and has steady and reasonable interior structure.
6. The machine is efficient and saves power. Besides, it is safe and easy to dismantle.


Model Volume (g) Volt (V) Power (W) Weight (Kg) Fineness (Mash) Overall Size (L×W×H) (mm)
DFT-40 40 220 350 1.0 10-300 120 × 120 × 130
DFT-70 70 220 350 2.6 10-300 140 × 140 × 260
DFT-100 100 220 500 3.0 10-300 150 × 150 × 280
DFT-150 150 220 800 4.0 10-300 160 × 160 × 300
DFT-200 200 220 900 4.2 10-300 160 × 160 × 330
DFT-250 250 220 900 4.5 10-300 160 × 160 × 350

HMachinery has accumulated ample experience both in manufacturing and selling since its establishment in 1997. The company mainly supplies tablet press, milling and sugar coating machine, mixer granulator and laboratory portable pulverizer, to name a few. HMachinery attaches great emphasis to products quality and always sticks to that quality is the base for survival and development. To achieve this, we strengthen innovation, development of new techniques and bring in advanced skills as well. Consequently, all products are certified by CE and some are sold to foreign countries. For details, please visit the website or contact us directly.

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