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V0.005 V Type Mixing Machine

V0.005 V Type Mixing Machine

Brief Introduction
The lab powder blender is always used to mix pharmaceutical powdery or granular materials. Through mechanical drive, materials in the two V type cylinders turn over and over again so that they are mixed uniformly. Uniquely structured, this mixing machine is highly efficient and does not accumulate materials. As a result, the lab powder blender is appropriate for chemical, foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries.

1. Lab powder blender can mix particles of good liquidity and small difference. And it is suitable for blending materials with normal mixing requirements and short mixing time.
2. V type high efficiency mixing machine is capable of mixing fragile, abrasable, or thin granules or powders.

1. Lab powder blender has features of simple operation and structure.
2. It is fast and efficient, which takes less time in mixing.
3. The surface and parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel, thus good-looking. And it takes less time to maintain and clean.
4. V type lab powder blender is armed with overload protection device.
5. This high efficiency mixing machine is well-adapted. It can mix numerous materials.
6. Timing device and string agitator can ensure a high mixing uniformity.
7. The inside and outside walls are carefully polished, which makes the lab powder blender much more anti-corrosive. And it produces little noise.


Specification (m³) Max. Capacity (L) Rotor Speed (r.p.m.) Power (Kw) Overall Size (mm) Net Weight (Kg)
0.005 2 15 0.095 300 × 400 × 500 10

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