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Powder Mixing Machine

CH Series Trough Mixer

CH series trough mixer is designed thoroughly for mixing powders and damp materials, which can make main and supplementary materials mixed uniformly. It can be divided into five models: CH10A, CH50A, CH100A, CH150A and CH200A...

V Series High Efficient Mixer

V series high efficient mixer is a new pharmaceutical machine designed on the basis of the introduction of foreign technologies. It is used for mixing powdery and granular materials. And during the process, it can ...

HD Series Multi-Directional Mixer

HD series multi-directional mixer, known for high efficiency, is used to mix powdery or granulated materials uniformly. This powder blending machine is adapted for pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical, machinery, electronics, mining...

Chemical Mixer

Chemical mixer makes use of mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more materials uniformly. For example, it blends cement, sand, macadam and water into concrete. Besides, through increasing material contact surface...

Powder mixing machine, also called pharmaceutical powder blender, is designed to blend two or more kinds of ingredients together. It is capable of turning a variety of materials into uniform mixtures, for example, mixing sand, cement, gravel with water to make concrete. At present, pharmaceutical powder mixer is widely applied in daily life and various industries.

Powder mixing machine can be divided into four kinds: CH Series Trough Mixer, V Series High Efficient Mixer, HD Series Multi-Directional Mixer, and Chemical Mixer.

1. HuaMao powder mixing machine is quick, thus time-saving.
2. This powder mixer is highly effective in blending wet and dry ingredients.
3. It is able to produce consistent batches and remove lumps and clumps.
4. Pharmaceutical powder blender is customizable according to actual need.

1. Materials should be full enough to submerge agitating valve. Then, cover the loam cake and operate powder mixing machine.
2. When discharging materials, please stop the powder mixer and place charging box in front of the rack and remove the upper cover. Later, start discharging motor to pour out ingredients.
3. Please check every part before using powder mixing machine. And clean agitating valve, mixing box and oiled parts.
4. Running-in test should be conducted when: there is no blockage, the rotation direction of agitating valve is correct, and electric appliance is sensitive.
5. Ensure there are no abnormal sound and no vibration in the powder mixer.
6. Powder mixing machine should not work until it is equipped with complete components and conforms to requirements after checking.
7. Each bearing should be less than 60 degrees.

1. Check the oil nozzle of powder mixing machine for no blockage.
2. Make ensure that screen cloth in the oil filter canister is not damaged.
3. Adjust the angle of powder mixer nozzle to prevent oil from sprinkling on the wallboards and oar blades.
4. Make appropriate control on oil heating temperature to avoid oil puddles.
5. Add finished goods inspection sieve to powder mixing machine to break up and remove mixed oil puddles.

Shanghai HuaMao Co., Ltd. is a specialized pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer that integrates developing, manufacturing and selling of powder mixing machines. The company was founded in1997 with a factory and land of its own. Furthermore, our company is situated near Shanghai Port. All these contribute to low costs, convenient transportation and great popularity. Besides, the company attaches great importance to quality. Thus, all products of our company are certified by CE.