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Pharmaceutical Milling

FC Series Dry Pulverizer

Dry pulverizer is effective in crushing various and small-scaled medicines, ores and chemical materials. Besides, it is, through special process methods, able to smash sticky, oily and heat sensitive materials. Nowadays...

B Series Universal Pulverizer

Universal pulverizer utilizes the high-speed relative motion between moving tooth set and fixed tooth set to smash materials through concussion, rub and crush. It is made of stainless steel with a simple structure, smooth running...

Fine Powder Pulverizer

Fine powder pulverizer achieves materials smashing through the bumping between mechanical pulverization and air. It is mainly composed of main engine, auxiliary engine and electric cabinet. Micro powder mill machine...

Pharmaceutical pulverizer is used to smash solid materials of large sizes into the required sizes. During the crushing, four outside forces (cutting, impacting, grinding and milling) are imposed on these solid materials. At present, large pharmaceutical milling machine is mainly used for processing mineral materials in metallurgy, construction, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, fireproof, steel and chemical industries. And small pharmaceutical pulverizer is suitable for food, medicine, greening, and environmental sanitation fields.

Pharmaceutical pulverizer can be subdivided into three types—FC series dry and B series universal pulverizer and Micro powder mill machine.

1. Pharmaceutical pulverizer is capable of crushing tough, fibrous, spongy, oily and high sugar content materials. It can smash hard and brittle materials.
2. Pharmaceutical milling machine is of compact structure, low installation power, high performance and wide application. It takes small floor coverage.
3. The machine is easy to dismantle and clean, suitable for material changing operation.
4. The design of pharmaceutical pulverizer meets the standard of GMP, C-GMP and FDA.

1. Check frequently the temperature of bearings. And stop pharmaceutical pulverizer for examination and debugging when the temperature of bearing is over 50℃.
2. Adjust the tightness of transmission belt (it is easier to be prolonged when machine is first used.) to ensure its service life.
3. Make a regular check and timely replacement of quick-wear parts of pharmaceutical milling machine to ensure quality and outputs of products.
4. Blade and ring gasket should be examined for abrasion. And replace the worn ones immediately to avoid low productivity and coarse granules.
5. Main engine and classification flow bearings should be lubricated by No.2 grease (265~295).
6. Bearings of pharmaceutical pulverizer should be replaced with new grease every 200 hours. Do not fill too much grease to avoid high temperature. Appropriate quantity is 1/2 of the bearing cavity space or 3/4.
7. Spiral feeder should be changed with fresh ordinary calcium base grease every 400 hours.

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