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Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

Electronic Tablet Counting Machine

Brief Introduction
Electronic tablet counting machine fills tablets or capsules through a channel into a bottle. It is high-tech drug count filling equipment which adopts international technologies like computer control, dynamic scanning, self-inspection system, failure indication and automatic stop. Therefore, pharmaceutical tablet counter is extensively applicable for quick count bottling of tablets, capsules, pills and transparent soft capsules of all sizes and patterns.

Performance of Electronic Tablet Counting Machine
1. All parts are interchangeable and even the PC board can be changed without manual adjustment. All these lead to the improvement of tablet counting accuracy.
2. It adopts computerized digital display and computer accurate sensing system to ensure counting accuracy.
3. Pharmaceutical tablet counter is made of stainless steel which can be cleaned easily.

Main Characteristics
1. Electronic tablet counting machine, constituted of stainless steel electronic counting turnplate, can automatically count, fill and deliver tablets.
2. With CCD photographic technology, this tablet counter is of high resolution, fast response and accurate counting.
3. Electronic tablet counting machine features in simple structure, easy maintenance and eco-friendliness.
4. When there is no bottle, it can automatically stop filling.
5. Such pharmaceutical counter can count without a template.

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