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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

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Rotary tablet press machine is more effective. It works to press granules or powders into the shapes like round. Filling, tableting and out slice are its three main working procedures. Besides, flow grate charging mechanism is adopted to make the material evenly filled in every die and reduce tablet weight differences. Tablet compressing machine is also armed with suction powder box to ensure a smooth running at any condition.

Considering different usages, rotary tablet press machine can be subdivided into fourteen models: ZPF5, ZP12C, ZP15, ZP15B, ZP15C, ZPF15, 4 Grams, 6 Grams, ZPF21, ZPG24, ZPF25, ZP33, ZP41B and ZPF45.

Rotary tablet press machine wins great application in many industries.
1. Pharmacy industry: pharmaceutical tablets, Chinese and western medicine tablets, and health care products.
2. Chemical engineering: salt tablet, camphor ball and washing block.
3. Food industry: condiment block, sugar, biscuit, and so on.
4. Electronics: electronic components.

1. Rotary tablet press machine can be improved according to different materials, tablet’s sizes and outputs.
2. The speed, material filling depth and tablet thickness are adjustable.
3. It is easy to operate tablet compressing machine.

1. When using rotary tablet press machine, please read manual book.
2. Refuel oil if necessary.
3. Before a trial run, tablet press should be given time for running-in.
4. Be punctual to clean, and maintain tablet compressing machine.
5. No overload operation can increase its service life.

First of all, a clear knowledge of the compressed materials is needed before choosing a right rotary tablet press machine. Then, one has to be aware of the diameter, thickness and output of tablets.

Payment, Package and Shipping
1. T/T, L/T and Western Union are all available.
2. Please follow export packing standard to package tablet press machine.
3. Shipping: express delivery, by sea, by air, by land, etc.

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional tablet press manufacturer. The company has skilled workers who can operate various types of machines. The company, since its establishment, has been stuck to the idea “Quality of Survival, Quality of Development”. Thus, our company spares no efforts to develop and renew our technology, and meantime, import foreign techniques. That’s why all products including rotary tablet press machine are certified by CE.