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CH10 Trough Mixer

CH10 Trough Mixer

Brief Introduction
CH10 horizontal trough mixer works to blend various powdery and paste materials uniformly. Its capacity is 6litre and the tilting angle of the trough can reach 105°. Since it uses only one flexible mixing arm whose speed is 24rpm, this powder mixing machine takes less time to clean. With stainless steel adopted, it is corrosion resistant. Besides, this trough can overturn freely to pour materials and the mixing time is adjustable. Thereby, CH10 horizontal trough mixer is suitable for small scale blending and laboratories.

1. Good dispersion
CH10 horizontal trough mixer adopts five shaft heaveho mortar mixing structure which can effectively disperse all kinds of flocks. And this equipment completely solves low uniformity and blind angel brought by different proportions of materials.
2. Wide applications
Pharmaceutical powder mixing machine can satisfy different performance requirements of the production of dry-mixed mortar, including masonry, plastering, polymer and polystyrene particles moisturizing mortars.
3. Small investment and quick effect
Horizontal trough mixer has obvious price advantage.
4. Easy operation
This machine takes small area and is easy to operate. And it is energy-saving and productive which can produce 5 to 8 tons per hour.
5. Long service life
CH10 horizontal trough mixer is equipped with high strength wear resistant steel parts.


Model of Powder Mixing Machine 10
Trough Capacity (L) 6
Mixing Arm Speed (rpm) 24
Tilting Angle of the Trough 105°
Tilting Speed of Trough (s) 26
Main Motor (Kw) 0.25
Overall Dimensions (mm) 600 × 280 × 450  
Weight (Kg) 40

Shanghai HuaMao Co., Ltd. has been engaging in making pharmaceutical machines since its establishment. At present, the company has 10 kinds over 40 series machines like tablet press, sugar coating device, granulator, horizontal trough mixer, etc. For about twenty years, HMachinery has always attached importance to the quality. So the company encourages innovation and development and imports latest technologies. What’s more, our company also actively takes part in cooperation with foreign large companies so as to learn something and enter international market. Presently, many products are sold to Europe, North America, South Asia and other regions.

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