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Tablet Press Machine

Single Punch Tablet Press

Single punch tablet press is used to compress various kinds of granulated material into round tablet. And each machine is installed with a die. Tablet making machine can be operated by hand or by a motor. The filling depth...

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Rotary tablet press machine is more effective. It works to press granules or powders into the shapes like round. Filling, tableting, and out slice are its three main working procedures. Besides, flow grate charging mechanism...

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic press machine, including oil paint model and stainless steel model, is able to press any granular materials into tablets of many shapes as required. Such tablet press has high pressure. It can press large size...

High Speed Tablet Press

High speed tablet press is composed of transmission, turret, tablet counting and dust collection component, lubrication system, hydraulic system and control system. Due to low noise, high pressure, automatic operation and...

Double Layer Press Machine

HuaMao double layer press machine is a device that can rotate automatically and press tablets continuously. It can mass produce round double-layer, sugar and calcium tablets. At present, tablet compressing machine is...

Three Layer Press Machine

Three layer press machine is a basic instrument for pressing granular materials into three layer tablets (which is the most prominent feature). It has double pressure structure, which can rotate automatically and press...

Rotary Core Tablet Press

Like other tablets making machines, rotary core tablet press is capable of turning powder into tablets through pressing. It is in dual pressure structure and can produce 18,000 tablets of 50 mm wide per hour...

Tablet press machine is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. It mainly includes two types: single-punch and rotary types. Pharmaceutical tablet compression equipment can be employed to manufacture pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, cleaning products, cosmetics, and so on.

Working Principle and Main Procedures
In order to form a pill, the granulated materials should be fed into a cavity which is shaped by two punches and a mould. Later, tablet press machine employs the two punches to work together to press these materials so as to fuse them together. After the mixture and compression, a pill will be formed into the shape we want.
The whole process of pill from making to selling includes six steps: smashing, mixing, palletizing, tabletting (tablet press machine will be involved), sieving and packaging.

Subclass Products
Due to different functions, pharmaceutical tablet compression equipment can be classified into seven types such as single-punch, rotary, three layers, double-layer, rotary core, hydraulic and high speed rotary tablet press machine.

Tablet press machine is widely applied in many industries.
1. Pharmaceutical Industry
Tablet press machine can be used to press western medicine tablets, effervescent tablets, Chinese herbal medicines, and all kinds of health care products.
2. Food Industry
Pharmaceutical tablet compression equipment can finish mixture, pelletizing, compression, coating and packaging of seasoning food and sugar tablets.
3. Chemical Industry
In this filed, tablet press machine is very useful for making salt tablet, camphor ball, cleaning block, dishwashing block, sterilizing ball and washing block.

1. Experience
Founded in 1997, Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd thus has nearly 20 years pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing experience. Having seen the great changes in Chinese machine industry, the company thus maintains a powerful and professional team of expertise. Moreover, engineers in this company are capable of developing and designing new tablet press machine.
2. Customer Service
Throughout these years, the company manages to customize assembly line in accordance with customers’ demands (e.g. the features of the pressed materials, the diameter and thickness of the tablets, etc.). If required, experienced personnel will be sent to the factory for installing and debugging pharmaceutical tablet compression equipment.
3. Technology
With the development of high-end technology, tablet press adopts CNC technique and wire-electrode cutting, thus precise.

1. Please read product instruction and manual carefully before using tablet press machine.
2. Add oil to pharmaceutical tablet compression equipment if necessary.
3. Before a trial run, the machine should first have a running-in period.
4. This tablet press machine should be taken apart, washed and maintained timely.
5. A longer service life can be achieved on the condition that there is no overload operation.

Suitable tablet press machine should be chosen according to the compressed materials. Then the diameter, thickness and outputs of tablets should also be taken into account. If there is no proper type, a particular tablet press machine will be customized

Payment and Shipping
1. T/T, L/T and Western Union are accepted.
2. Tablet press machine should be packaged in line with the export packing standard.
3. Express delivery, ocean shipping, air transportation, land carriage and joint sea-and-rail transportation are all available.

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of solid-pharmaceutical-production machinery. Our company is capable of casting, metal machining and assembling tablet press machine. These years, the company has been consistently dedicated to providing its clients with satisfying services and improving products quality. All machines including tablet press machine are certified by CE. For more information, please visit the website or contact us directly.