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HLSG10 Mixer Granulator

HLSG10 Mixer Granulator

HLSG10 mixer granulator belongs to the category of laboratory machines, which is generally used for mixing and granulating wet granules. Thanks to the compact desk-top design, this blending granulation machine is small and takes less space. The rotating speed of string paddle is 30 to 500 rpm and the cutter is 300 to 3000rpm. Besides, the total volume of material groove can hold 10Dm materials at most. Nowadays, mixer granulator is primarily used for tablet processing in laboratory, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

1. Cone material groove ensures materials to turn over evenly.
2. Laboratory mixer granulator adopts pneumatic automatic discharge and the sealing is reliable.
3. Pneumatic cylinder cover lifting makes operation easy.
4. The desk-top blending granulation machine can be equipped with PLC control system.
5. Frequency control of cutter enables particle diameter easier to be controlled
6. The rotating speed can be manually controlled. So you can test different technological parameters.
7. Mixer granulator is armed with touch screen which if inputted set values can assure uniform quality of different batches of products.
8. Inflatable sealing of rotating axis keeps it from dust adhesion.
9. Jet cleaning of the axis reduces cleaning time.
10. Material groove interlining jacket cooling of mixer granulator improves particle quality.
11. Stainless steel is employed in the parts that contact with materials. This conforms to GMP requirements.
12. The discharge mouth has a suitable height. It enables desk-top blending granulation machine to be used with drying equipment.

Parameters of Laboratory Mixer Granulator

Model / Specifications HLSG10
Material Groove Total Volume (Dm) 10
  Feeding Quantity (Kg) 1-3
  Max Inside Diameter (mm) 294
Drive System Rotating Speed of String Paddle (r.p.m) 30 to 500
  Power of Motor (Kw) 2.2
  Rotating Speed of Cutter (r.p.m) 300 to 3000
  Power of Motor (Kw) 0.8
Dimensions Length (mm) 1550
  Total Height (mm) 1500
  Height of Discharge Outlet (mm) 700
  Width (mm) 550
Weight of Desk-top Blending Granulation Machine (Kg) 260

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