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Model BC-ⅡAutomatic Tablet Counting Machine

Model BC-ⅡAutomatic Tablet Counting Machine

Brief Introduction
Automatic tablet counting machine is useful for quick count bottling of capsules, pills, and tablets of a variety of patterns and sizes. It can independently finish counting and filling tablets. Currently, this double-head tablet counter is mainly applied in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

1. Automatic tablet counting machine is featured by good-looking appearance, accurate counting, flexibility and easy operation. What’s more, it is, sturdy and durable, efficient and inexpensive, welcomed by clients from home and abroad.
2. The parts of double-head tablet counter that contacts materials are made of stainless steel, meeting GMP requirements.
3. Filling valve is controlled by pneumatic valve to achieve higher filling accuracy.
4. With automatic tablet counting machine, filling amount and speed can be adjusted.
5. Filling head adopts wiredrawing and filling lifting devices.

Main Technical Specification
The following data serve as reference to select automatic tablet counting machine.

Diameter of Tablet (mm) φ4-φ14
  Bottles for Counting Pan Rotating One Cycle 50-100 (tablets)  3 (bottle)/ (cycle)
100-200 (tablets)  2 (bottle)/ (cycle)
500-1000 (tablets)  1 (bottle)/ (cycle)
Specification of Bottle (ml) 50-100
Product Capacity (Bottles/min.) 20-30
Motor of Double-Head Counter JW7124 0.55Kw,  JW7114 0.37Kw
Overall Dimension (mm) 1950 × 1330 × 1420
Net Weight (Kg) 450

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