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DL320A Vacuum Cleaner

DL320A Vacuum Cleaner

Brief Introduction
DL320A bag-type vacuum cleaner, also called dust collector, is a small air filtering device. It can remove 99% dusts. And the wind capacity can reach 600m³/h and the available pressure is 480Pa. Therefore, tablet deduster is suitable for filtering dry, low temperature and small particles of powder dusts in pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. But this bag-type vacuum cleaner is not suitable for filtering damp and high temperature powder dusts.

1. Bag-type vacuum cleaner consists of anechoic chamber, fan device, filter and powder storage. These four parts are combined together by four groups of tie rods. Loosing these rods, the parts can separate from each other, which brings much convenience for cleaning.
2. HMachinery tablet deduster is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, thus anti-corrosive. And it does not pollute absorbed materials, so most materials can be recycled.
3. Bag-type vacuum cleaner produces little noise with the adoption of muffler device.
4. The dust collector conforms to SMP standard.
5. Rectangle exit is installed on the top of this machine, which can be connected to exhaust duct of workshop. Hence, micro-powder can be directly transpired through the duct to keep the workshop clean.

Specifications of Bag-Type Vacuum Cleaner

Model of Tablet Deduster 320A
Wind Capacity (m³/h) 600
Available Pressure (Pa) 480
Efficiency of Dust Removal 99%
Power of Motor (W) 550
Voltage of Power Source (V) 380
Frequency of Power Source (Hz) 50
Overall Size (L × W × H) (mm) 670 × 500 × 1100
Net Weight (Kg) 800

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery engages in providing a number of machines ranging from tablet press, sugar coating machine, grinder, mixer and bag-type vacuum cleaner to feeder. Situated at Dongjing town of Shanghai, HMachinery is easily approachable both on land and sea. And the shipping costs are greatly reduced. For another, this geographical location enables the company to contact the latest technology and have more chances to cooperate with foreign corporations. Moreover, many products including bad-type vacuum cleaner are sold to Europe, North America and other regions. For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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