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Automatic Blister-Aluminum Packing Machine

DPP Auto Blister-Aluminum Packaging Machine

DPP auto blister-aluminum packaging machine is used to package tablets, capsules, injection liquids, candies, medical apparatus and instruments and electronic components. It has functions of coil conveying, blister forming...

DPT-70B Flat Plate Auto Blister Packaging Machine

Flat plate auto blister packaging machine is used to package all sizes of honey bolus, sugar-coated tablets, vitamin pills and capsules. Small as it is, pharmaceutical packager can also be applied in al-plastics and al-al...

Automatic blister-aluminum packing machine, as the name suggests, functions to pack objects with aluminum plastics or something else. It is highly automatic and adopts PLC microcomputer and frequency control. Thereby, automatic packager is workable for packing tablets, injections, medical instruments and electronic components. And it is ideal blister packing equipment for pharmacy, foodstuff, cosmetics, and other industries.

1. Automatic blister-aluminum packing machine integrates engine, electricity, and gas. With man-machine interface operation, programmed transmission can be realized.
2. It can automatically test and eliminate incomplete packaging. Besides, the machine can be equipped with imported image detection device to automatically identify and pick out drugs whose shape difference is more than 10%.
3. Automatic blister-aluminum packing machine is in detachable design for the convenience of installation and dismantlement.
4. The sealing device makes pictures of every edition same and pleasing to the eyes.
5. Automatic packager has the effect of intensifying sealing, which greatly improves the grade of products packaging.

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