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Chemical Mixer

Chemical Mixer

Chemical mixer makes use of mechanical force and gravity to mix two or more materials uniformly. For example, it blends cement, sand, macadam and water into concrete. Besides, through increasing material contact surface area, industrial mixing machine can promote chemical action and accelerate physical changes. Due to its speediness, easy maintenance and low energy consumption, chemical mixer is agreeable for petrochemical, pesticide, painting, cosmetics, plastic, pigment, fodder, and fine chemical industries.

1. With the adoption of high quality materials, chemical mixer is of high wear resistance and long service life, much superior to other brands products.
2. Industrial mixing machine has features of short mixing time, high efficiency, low noise and stable performance.
3. The whole machine is tightly sealed to keep from dust and environmentally friendly.
4. Chemical mixer can be customized according to actual demands.
5. It features small investment, quick effect, and simple operation.

Parameters of Chemical Mixer

Model BY1500
Barrel Capacity (L) 1500
Max. Loading Capacity (L) 900
Max. Loading Weight (Kg) 900
Speed of Driving Shaft (r/min.) 15
Motor Power (Kw) 4
Power of Batch Turning (Kw) 1.5
Total Weight (Kg)  500
  Overall Dimensions (mm)   L 3000
W1 3000
H 3500

Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical mixer, tablet press and other products. The company has its own land, factory building, machinery and skilled workers who can operate various types of machines. The company, since its foundation, has been stuck to the idea “The Quality of Survival, the Quality of Development”. Thus, our company spares no efforts to develop and renew our technology, and meantime, import foreign techniques. That’s why all products including industrial mixing machine are certified by CE.

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