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WK60 Granulation Machine

WK60 Granulation Machine

Brief Introduction
WK60 vertical granulation machine through the swing of rotating roller can pulverize wet or dry powders into granules. During this process, a group of opposite rotation grinding knives and sieve drum are involved. The production capacity of this laboratory granulating equipment is 20 to 30kg. And the diameter of roller is 60mm. Besides, the motor power is 0.25kw. Currently, vertical granulation machine enjoys wide application in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and other industries.

1. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
WK60 vertical granulation machine is effective in grinding wet powders into particles which later are used for tableting. And it can smash blocks condensed during storage or chemical processing.
2. Foodstuff
This laboratory granulating equipment can be used to process candies, sugar mixture, malt and leche.
3. Other Industries: Ceramics, plastics, and beverage.
4. Vertical granulation machine is not suitable for semi-solid, fluid or slurry materials.

1. WK60 vertical granulation machine is featured by easy operation and smooth running.
2. Thanks to a larger hopper, it is quite productive.
3. Made of stainless steel, the rotating roller of laboratory granulating equipment can ensure clean processed materials and no color change.
4. The screen of vertical granulation machine is simple to install. The degree of tightness is adjustable.
5. The number of screen meshes should be in line with the size requirements of particles and is set by users. Clipped with two steel pipes, this screen can be dismantled easily and adjusted.

Parameters of Vertical Granulation Machine

Type Item WK60A
Dia. of Roller (mm) 60
Effective Length of Roller (mm)  
Roller Speed (r/min) 46
Production Capacity (Kg) 20-30
Hopper Opening Size (L×W)  
Motor (kw /v ) 0.25
Overall Size (mm) 460 × 550 × 570
Net Weight of Laboratory Granulating Equipment (Kg) 55

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