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Capsule Filling Machine

NJP Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic capsule filling machine is designed and further improved to fill empty capsules with desired drugs on the basis of tamping principle. Capsule filler has three models-NJP800, NJP1000 and NJP1200. With high ...

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Semi automatic capsule filling machine is now the economical and practical equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It adopts microcomputer PLC, touch panel operation and frequency control. Equipped with an electronic...

Capsule filling machine is used to fill powders or granules into capsules. Characterized by compact structure, reliability, and good performance, this pharmaceutical capsule filler is suitable for small and medium sized pharmaceutical and health care products factory, hospitals, veterinary medicines factory, research institutes, laboratories and pesticide plants. Besides, capsule filling machine is applicable for small batch production of clinics and pharmacies.

Subclass Products
1. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
This machine featured by exquisite workmanship, stable running, can fill empty capsules with desired drugs in pharmaceutical industry.
2. Semi-Automatic Capsule Stowing Machine
This type is economical and practical equipment with microcomputer PLC, touch panel operation and frequency control. It can fill various domestic and imported capsules.

1. Capsule filling machine features simple structure, small power consumption, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and low failure rate. And it is available for capsules of various kinds.
2. Key components, hopper and table-board are made of stainless steel, meeting the requirements of GMP.
3. Pharmaceutical capsule filler is easy to operate and can complete the exchange of dies within 20 minutes.
4. The dosing units of capsule filling machine are interchangeable.
5. The capsule filling and qualification rate are quite high.
6. It is capable of filling various powders and granules into 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, and 4# capsules.

1. Capsule filling machine has wide applications. It is suitable for all classes of hospitals and laboratories. And it has no weight variation.
2. The filler is economical. With it, you need not buy other supplements to encapsulate the products.
3. Pharmaceutical capsule filler can be customized according to actual needs.

1. The components exposed directly to the drugs should be cleaned when capsule filling machine has worked for long time. And when change drug batches or stop for a long time, they should be cleaned as well.
2. Add appropriate lubricating oil to transmission mechanism under pharmaceutical capsule filler’s workbench, so as to reduce abrasion of working parts.
3. Check oil mass in the main drive reducer every month and refuel oil promptly if it is insufficient. And change lubricating oil semiannually. Besides, replace rotary workstation dividing box with new 90 # oil every 3000 hours of operation.
4. Overload clutch should be tightened to ensure capsule filling machine works normally.

1. Check screws at each part of capsule filling machine. And tighten them to avoid malfunction and damage if looseness is found.
2. Organic glass parts (working table, medicine plate) should avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and be not placed with heavy things. And the medicine plate should be put vertically or horizontally to prevent from deformation and damage.
3. Capsule filling machine and the shell of electric appliance should be connected with the ground. To ensure safety, cut off the power after working.
4. Clear away residual drugs in die holes to maintain pharmaceutical capsule filler clean and sanitary. Do not rinse the main engine with water. And the dies can be dismantled for cleaning.

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