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KZL Series Rotary Granulator

KZL Series Rotary Granulator

Rotary granulator is particularly effective in handling materials of high viscosity. It may also be called revolving pelleting machine sometimes. This machine adopts a set of rotating grinding blade to form wet materials into columned granules. Besides, it can make different size particles by changing stainless steel sieve. Currently, rotary granulator is applicable in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, solid beverage and chemical industries.

Working Principle
Rotary granulator rotates to drive swage setting to revolve oppositely. And this setting presses materials down to the grinding blade whose large angle spiral leaf will push materials towards sifter cylinder wall. Then, through blade, these powders will be squeezed out of sieve pits and become granules.

1. Rotary granulator is well-organized and well-structured.
2. It has a high ratio of granule forming and the granule is well-shaped.
3. Revolving pelleting machine discharges automatically, preventing particle damage caused by manual operation.
4. The machine is suitable for assembly line work.

Parameters of Rotary Granulator

Model ZL250 ZL300
Size of Knife (mm) 250 300
Dia. of Granule (mm) 2-2.2 (On the basis of actual need) 1.8-2.5
Size(L × C × H) (mm) 700 × 540 × 1300 800 × 640 × 1300
Motor Power (Kw) 3 4
Weight (Kg) 350 400
Production Capacity (Kg/h) 100-200 140-400

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