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Hydraulic Press Machine

TZL Hydraulic Press Machine

TZL full automatic hydraulic press machine, according to different working pressures, can be subdivided into TZL10T and TZL200t models. Paint type tablet press, nowadays, is basically applied in molding sanitizer, mothball...

Hydraulic press machine, including oil paint model and stainless steel model, is able to press any granular materials into tablets of many shapes as required. Such tablet press has high pressure. It can press large size tablets as well as tablets of two layers with two colors and three layers with three colors. Therefore, hydraulic press machine is widely employed to produce candy pieces, chocolate, fertilizer tablets, IC components, effervescent tablets and ceramic powder products.

1. Hydraulic press machine is suitable for large-scale production.
2. It has high degree of automation.
3. Hydraulic system of tablet press is from Taiwan, thus reliable and stable.
4. Armed with a PLC control, the compress time, pressure and tablet thickness are adjustable.
5. Hydraulic press machine is non-polluting and can heat automatically.
6. It is not easy to wear and tear, thus durable.

The materials, size and outputs of tablets should be considered before choosing hydraulic press machine. And meanwhile, make sure whether enclosed stainless steel model is needed.

1. Read the instruction manual before operating hydraulic press machine.
2. Overloading working is prohibited so as to lengthen tablet press’ service life.
3. Make sure that the machine has time for running-in before a trial run.
4. Hydraulic press machine should be washed and maintained punctually.

Payment, Package and Shipping
1. T/T, L/T and Western Union are accepted.
2. Package hydraulic press machine in line with export packing standard.
3. Available shipping types include by ocean, by air, by land, or by expressage.

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