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DP High End Tablet Press

DP High End Tablet Press

DP high end tablet press is designed by absorbing foreign advanced technologies. It is mainly used to continuously press powders and granular materials into tablets of various shapes. Small as it is, the laboratory tablet making machine has high pressure and a reasonable structure. Therefore, it is popular among pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and foodstuff industries. And this high end tablet press is the first choice of scientific institutes, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories and hospital pharmaceutical preparation.

1. DP high end tablet press is characterized by high material utilization, simple operation, small difference of tablet weight and low noise.
2. The tableting speed, filling depth and thickness of tablets can be adjusted.
3. Tablet making machine is enclosed to keep from powder cross contamination, which meets GMP requirements.
4. Each function index of high end tablet press reaches the level of imported machines, thereby trustworthy.
5. Safety protection device is installed, which is in line with humanization idea.
6. Many modern designs are adopted to keep tabletting process safer.
7. High end tablet press has a prominent carrying capacity, suitable for larger scale production of tablets.
8. Laboratory tablet making machine has larger working space.


Model of High End Tablet Press DP-12 DP-25
Dies (Sets) 1 1
Max. Dia. of Tablet (mm) 12 25
Max. Yield (pieces/min.) 60 60
Max. Pressure (Kn) 50 50
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 20 20
Thickness of Tablet (mm) 8 8
Motor Power (Kw) 220V/50HZ, 1.1KW 220V/50HZ, 1.5KW
Overall Size (mm) 550 × 450 × 750 580 × 500 × 830
Net Weight (Kg) 100 150

Founded in 1997, Shanghai HuaMao Pharmaceutical Machinery is a company that integrates developing, manufacturing and selling of tablet presses. Situated near Shanghai Port, the company enjoys great convenience in transportation and low costs. Besides, our company has a factory and employs over 50 workers across China. Nowadays, to better satisfy customers, the company has developed high end tablet press for laboratory uses and other auxiliary devices. For details, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly.

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